Sorting branded YouTube videos into playlists can improve discovery and watch time

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June 25, 2019, 2:57 PM UTC

Brands can improve engagement by promoting YouTube Premieres on their social channels.

The author recommends that marketers should add a clickable table with time slots to enable quick navigation through the content and increase engagement. YouTubers can use the video description or pinned comments, or both, to create a clickable table of contents. 

In recent times, the video-streaming platform has started evaluating videos based on their watch time. This piece suggests that marketers sort their videos into playlists with other relevant videos. Playlists can help increase the Watch Time as well as improve the discovery of new videos.

Partnering with other YouTubers to put videos in each other’s playlist can help marketers place their videos in public playlists. This article also states that linking branded playlists to the company website can help brands get their YouTube playlists ranked on Google search results. 

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