Brands should be in control of their narrative to create a unique brand image

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June 25, 2019, 4:22 PM UTC

Marketers can enhance content by focusing on one part of the brand's story

The customer journey can be structured into four parts, the audiences, their desires, obstacles faced by them and the brand narrative. This piece says that brands need to project their narratives in their content to showcase the USP of the brand.

The author contends that a focused story can give a consumer reason to care about the brands narrative about the product and services. Brands need to be in control of how they present their content and should redirect “wider content” to other channels.

A particular narrative about the brand that sets the brand apart from others can help customers connect with the brand at a personal level. Focusing on one specific part of a brand’s story allows marketers the creative freedom on how they broadcast their narratives.

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