B2B marketers must spend more time internalising consumer’s mindset

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June 25, 2019, 4:39 AM UTC

The learnings from this can inform their upcoming content marketing plans.

The author suggests ways in which B2B marketers can create more engaging and empathetic content. To create such content, they need to understand consumer concerns. Marketers must spend more time internalising the consumer’s mindset and using the learnings gained by that to adjust upcoming content marketing plans.

B2B marketers should develop their content experience around customer sizes, industries and roles as a way to demonstrate that they understand the needs of the buyers or segments. While developing the content experience, marketers must also factor in visitor feedback.

The author also recommends using narratives, video and imagery as a way of addressing difficult business issues through content marketing. The article cites Forrester data which found that B2B companies haven’t taken enough steps yet to improve content engagement.

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