Search Intent Data can help marketers create personalised marketing campaigns

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June 24, 2019, 1:41 PM UTC

B2B companies can use search intent data for account-based marketing.

Marketers can identify potential buyers and create personalised campaigns that can act as a one-on-one pitch based on the search intent of the customer. Search intent can also help B2B companies achieve specific goals for specific accounts, making it a useful tool for account-based marketing.

The author contends that the effective implementation of data-driven marketing strategy can help businesses lead in terms of sales and ROI. In order for successful implementation of search intent data, marketers need to evaluate the data for each marketing campaign critically.

This article says that marketers who rely solely on demographic data are in peril of missing out more than 70% of mobile buyers. Search intent can also give brands a competitive advantage to retain consumers by studying changing customer preferences.

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