Cost and technical challenges hinder the success of AR campaigns

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June 24, 2019, 7:01 AM UTC

The demand for using AR in advertising and marketing campaigns continues to rise.

Unity Technologies surveyed about 1000 people belonging to marketing and advertising across the US and UK. The research revealed that technical challenges at 24.6% and cost at 39.1% are considered to be the major hindrances by creatives who have worked on AR campaigns.

However, these factors are not hampering the demand for AR. Over 50% of those surveyed indicated an increase in client demand to use AR in advertising and marketing campaigns. 80% of the respondents consider AR as vital to their work.

78.4% of people noted feeling positive about the use of AR in advertising.  While, 61.8% of creatives have observed a growth in client demand for AR campaigns, about 54.1% of those who have rolled out an AR campaign found user engagement to be satisfactory.

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