Brands should not jump onto every social cause to avoid ‘woke washing’

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June 24, 2019, 5:00 PM UTC

Value-based marketing should also reflect in the company’s engagements.

When it comes to purpose driven-marketing, brands should be decisive and pro-active of the cause to avoid an erosion of consumer trust. Brands should be consistent with their social positioning and have values that align with consumers as well as the company actions.

This article says that brands can demonstrate their values by sponsoring local events or donating their services to show consumers that they care. Brands should have an executive and PR team on standby to deal with any potential blowback from taking a stand on some social causes.

The author suggests that brands should be careful about their creative treatment of social causes, and should not imply they are a solution to the problem. While supporting every cause may not be ideal, being an early supporter can give brands a considerable advantage.

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