Neuromarketing techniques can drive impulse purchases in retail

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June 24, 2019, 5:39 AM UTC

“Neuromarketing” is a combination of neuroscience and marketing which analyses the brain activity to understand a shopper’s mindset.

When properly implemented neuromarketing can create certain stimuli that drive impulse purchases even among rational minded consumers. The physical proximity between a product and the consumers in high street retail stores acts as the primary driver for impulse buying.

The piece says that even when consumers think they are acting rationally, the unconscious human mind often works under the influence of basic evolutionary programming. The touch of the product, the feeling of the material or smell of the element are some of the emotional factors that drive impulse purchasing. 

Even planned buyers often make purchases because of a special offer or due to fear of missing out. So the author contends that retailers should look to neuromarketing to get more people to walk in and shop impulsively.

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