Brands need to meet on-demand customers in the channels they use

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June 21, 2019, 2:26 PM UTC

Consumers expect brands to be easily accessible.

On-demand disruptor technology has given rise to “liquid expectations” in which consumers expect the same high standard consumer experience across brands. Consumers have exposure to various digital brands with easy access to CX and expect the same with every brand.

This piece says that brands need to continually evaluate the needs of their on-demand consumers and provide them with access to high standard CX. Marketers should weigh their brands’ values and consumer experience goals before they implement any communication channels to serve their on-demand customers.

The author contends that live chat can provide consumers with instant accessibility while living up to the liquid expectations of the brand. Chat-bots can further help meet customer expectations with a bit of scripting and training to provide a seamless experience.

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