Brands can use high quality content to engage website visitors

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June 21, 2019, 9:33 AM UTC

This measure can also help build trust among audiences.

The article states that while designing or re-designing a website, businesses should be mindful about their viewer’s needs. A well designed website can significantly affect performance and conversion. However, designing an efficient website requires substantial time, effort and dedication.

Brands must ensure to leverage high quality content, engaging images and videos. This can help build trust among audiences. Since users scan a webpage looking for keywords as a guide through the content, brands must clearly display the main content and call to action buttons.

The colour scheme of a website is a driving factor for visitors. Businesses are recommended to avoid using colours that jar and opt for colours that create serenity and harmony. The author also recommends optimising images, website code and video on the website to minimise its load time.

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