Advertisements portraying women in positive manner drive higher sales

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June 21, 2019, 5:03 PM UTC

According to a Unilever study, 55% of adults believe that women are negatively portrayed in media.

This article states that six major CPG (Consumer Packed Goods) marketers observed increased purchase intent and higher sales after portraying a positive image of women in media. Ads with the highest sales lift had the highest GEM (Gender Equality Measure) scores, according to an IRI/ANA report stated in the piece.

Advertisements with GEM scores over 100 drove sales up to five times higher than creatives scoring below 100. The report further stated that when ads with the highest GEM scores were incorporated into programs with similarly high scores, a greater sales lift was observed.

The GEM score featured in the research is based on the measurement of four consumer reactions to the depiction of women in the advertisement. It includes the opinion of female character presented and the manner in which the woman has been portrayed, among others.

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