PR professionals should identify the right platform to communicate with reporters

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June 18, 2019, 4:51 AM UTC

Retweeting a reporter’s tweets can help PR professionals get noticed by journalists.

This piece recommends PR professionals to build trust with reporters before pitching an appealing story to them. Face-to-face meetings with the reporter can be far more beneficial than sending out impersonal press releases or vaguely calling them to make a pitch.

The author suggests that PR professionals should identify the best platforms for reaching out to journalists. Knowing where and what a PR professional has to pitch is essential.

Following reporters on Twitter, getting familiar with their work and retweeting their tweets when appropriate can help PR professionals get noticed. The platform could also be a way to connect with journalists. Additionally, writing a comment on the reporter’s blog, if they have one, can initiate an interaction between the reporter and PR professional.

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