Cannes Gold Lions winning ads are more likely to resonate emotionally with audiences

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June 18, 2019, 7:30 AM UTC

This is in comparison to ads that win a Cannes Lions Grand Prix award.

System1 studied 75 Grand Prix and Gold Lion winning work for its effectiveness. The research revealed that five ads out of 11 Grand Prix winners in Film over the past decade scored one on a scale of one to five. These ads were also noted to be least emotionally effective.  

Of all the ads studied, only six ads received a full score. Of these six ads, P&G’s “It’s a Tide ad”, was the only Grand Prix winner.

The study noted that one reason for this could be because Cannes juries “prioritise edginess over emotional effectiveness”. So, while a Grand Prix ad may have creative flair in abundance, it may fail to resonate with viewers emotionally.

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