Marketers should plan for a platform shift to prepare for consolidation in the martech space

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June 17, 2019, 10:54 AM UTC

They can also start consolidating their personal technology stack.

The author highlights that as the big data analytics market grows, there are a dwindling number of vendors in the space owing to consolidation. This may lead to a scenario where there are only a handful of major platforms supported by some smaller vendors.

Unless a marketer has niche needs, the article suggests that they start consolidating their personal technology stack. It may also help to plan for a potential platform shift. With acquisition of smaller analytics companies being the faster way for larger companies to add capabilities, it may impact a company’s typical martech stack.

Overall, the impact could largely be restricted to user experience, implementation of depth of features and licensing fees. Brands with highly specific or strategic objectives, may end up building their own tools.

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