Brands can build stronger relationship with consumers by offering experiences that evoke emotions

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June 17, 2019, 11:14 AM UTC

Instead of conventional advertising, brands should let consumers see and feel how their product can change users’ lives.

This article states that though young consumers are less willing to invest in possessions, they are still eager to spend money on things that generate an emotional response. The author thus recommends brands to understand customer preferences to craft imaginative brand experiences.

Marketers can use this understanding to promote themselves to consumers naturally through experiential marketing campaigns. Instead of promoting a product or service, brands should promote an activity that fits with brand message or product. 

This piece states that by identifying the smallest aspects in which consumers can interrelate with the brand’s offerings, marketers can intensify their relationship with their consumers. Experiential marketing experiences should create joy or evoke emotions and nurture shared values with the customers. 

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