Experiential campaigns can help brands interact with audiences in real-time

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June 14, 2019, 4:46 PM UTC

Marketers can measure the effectiveness of their experiential campaigns through metrics like engagement and awareness.

Applying traditional marketing metrics like feedback does not accurately measure the success of experiential campaigns. Experiential campaigns can help brands collect data on metrics like awareness, engagement and lead generation in real-time, by interacting with audiences during live events.

This article says that marketers can track the engagement of an event by monitoring social media engagement and analyse digital awareness about the campaign. Marketers can optimise their campaigns by understanding how these metrics work in conjunction with each other.

The author contends that variables like location, weather and other physical factors need to be considered and analysed before measuring the effectiveness of experiential campaigns. Marketers need to understand these variables on a ‘granular scale’ and work from there to figure out the best way to track an experiential’s success.

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