Posting key takeaways from brand events opens up link building opportunities

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June 13, 2019, 12:40 PM UTC

Hosting this content on the company website can encourage high-quality sources to share it.

This article suggests ways in brands can leverage offline events to identify and benefit from link building opportunities. The author recommends creating content by compiling key takeaways from the event. This content must be engaging enough to encourage attendees and speakers at the event to share it.

Such content, if hosted on the company website, can also be shared by high-quality sources. Prior to the event, brands must create a dedicated landing page for potential attendees to register on. Connecting this page to event listing sites offers link building opportunities.   

The article also advises bringing industry bloggers on board and incentivising them by offering cross-site promotion. This partnership can help businesses acquire new links and expose the brand to newer audiences.  

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