Balance between different "forces" is important for marketing to lead in business

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June 13, 2019, 12:15 PM UTC

Marketing’s ability to lead businesses has become challenging in recent years.

This piece says that marketers need to look beyond just “the customer” to return to being a driving force in business. Marketing-led businesses declined due to factors like the global recession, digital revolution and a lack of trust.

But, this piece argues that it can make a comeback if a balance is maintained between a company’s focus on customers, capabilities and culture. The author recommends balancing corporate culture with team capabilities and making marketing vital to the company strategy as measures for the function to become “a successful driving force.”

A company might have experienced marketers and a distinctive brand promise, but by treating marketing as a secondary function, this balance can be hard to achieve. The article says that this equilibrium is hard to achieve in industries where short-term commercial considerations taker priority or where “product is the champion.”

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