Companies must rethink how they put together brand assets for dynamic ad composition

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June 12, 2019, 11:20 AM UTC

The creative process for video ads must focus on input rather than output.

With ads becoming contextual, personalised and lending themselves to multiple formats, they are decomposed into individual elements before being dynamically recomposed during visualisation. This gives marketers less control over the final version of the ad. Marketers then should optimise their ad composition processes.

Brands can organise for creative disruption and ad decomposition by rethinking how brand assets are put together and the way that communication channels are used. The creative process for video ads should focus on input instead of the output to tell the same story in different time frames, angles, and formats.

Similarly, images and messaging should be selected on the basis of the values they offer. Further, they should be made available in different resolutions and formats.  

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