Businesses can advertise on Facebook and Google Ads to bring in new users for apps

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June 12, 2019, 10:37 AM UTC

These early users can go on to generate buzz and referrals for the app.

The article recommends tactics to increase mobile app installs and to acquire new users. To be able to advertise to consumers, brands must use data and insights to identify where the consumers are and what their needs may be. New users can help companies generate engagement, buzz and referrals.

The author recommends monitoring the marketing channels to identify where conversions are happening. Once identified, the necessary resources can be diverted to those channels. Using big platforms for app advertising can also be effective.

The author recommends using Facebook and Google Ads to reach audiences in crowded markets. To do this, the article suggests being hyper-specific in in targeting in order to avoid paying more than needed and reaching audiences that won’t convert.

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