Social selling can allow brands to build relationships with consumers

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June 11, 2019, 5:55 AM UTC

It can be also used as a highly personalised sales tactic as it aligns with the buyer’s preference.

While social selling is about increasing sales, it’s also about asserting a brand’s expertise and knowledge about the problems faced by the industry. The piece says that sales professionals are pivotal when it comes to social selling and building one-on-one relationships with potential customers.

The article says that salespeople should post relevant and insightful comments to foster deeper relationships with their prospects. Social sellers can work with the brand’s marketing team to produce and highlight a mix of content like blog posts or research reports.

Creating professional profiles and connecting with clients on social media networks like LinkedIn can help brands to grow their social network connections. The author contends using social listening softwares can help brands identify which social network sites their prospects are active on.

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