Creativity needs to use digital to make it relevant again

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June 11, 2019, 10:24 AM UTC

Brands adhering to best practices on digital has led to homogeneity in messaging.  

The author states that creativity is about originality and ingenuity but, with digital, things are going in the opposite direction. One reason is that brands are trying to adhere to “best practices” which leads to digital elements looking and behaving similarly. 

Digital has transformed the industry to be more democratic and accessible for masses, leading to copying which is making the world more homogenised. In branding as well, brand personalities or styles are merging, which the author refers to as “blanding”.

For brands to create excitement and be desirable to their customers, they must be different. Brands should realise that creativity is the duty of everyone and not just the creative department. If businesses want to be relevant in the “new economy”, they need to use digital to bring relevance to creativity.

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