Brands can use AI to deliver efficient, personalised and data-driven content

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June 11, 2019, 12:52 PM UTC

It can help marketers create quality content faster without losing efficiency.

Using AI can help marketers create high-quality content in a relatively less timeframe and not at the cost of efficiency. This piece says that running data points through a natural language generation (NLG) tool allows AI to create content without human interference.

Marketers can also use AI across the content creation process which includes brainstorming for ideas, creating, promoting and optimising it. AI can create content that meets the brand’s benchmarks by using NLG tools to review content that has been produced.

Brands can also use AI to measure their content performance and analyse this data to learn the audience’s preferences and intent. The author contends that AI helps brands to produce highly personalised content at a larger scale and drive customers closer to purchase.

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