Marketers must design creatives specific to Connected TV to gain views and build awareness

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June 10, 2019, 10:06 AM UTC

Brands will have to approach Connected TV marketing strategies with a “complete picture” in mind instead of running campaigns in silos.

The author notes that since Connected TV (CTV) is different from linear TV and other video platforms, it reaches highly targeted audiences and delivers against different KPIs. So, brands should develop specific creatives for CTV since what worked for linear TV won’t translate “one for one” to CTV.

Advertisers should not run CTV campaigns in isolation, rather they need to build marketing strategies that take the “complete picture” into account. Video campaigns should be adapted for CTV.

Marketers must consider how a CTV campaign could work on digital video mega-platforms to enable brands to optimise good video creative. CTV drives completed views, making it an option for campaigns that have a primary goal of generating views and awareness.

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