Marketers can avoid over emailing subscribers by using frequency capping

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June 10, 2019, 7:15 AM UTC

Over emailing can push subscribers to unsubscribe from an email list or mark the messaging as spam.

This piece states that 45.8% of email subscribers flag emails as spam because they receive them too often.  31.6% of people find email content to be irrelevant. To address this, marketers can use frequency capping to limit the number of mailers the brand’s subscribers would receive during a specific period of time.

The author recommends marketers to craft shorter emails as they are more likely to get placed in an inbox’s Primary tab. They are also suggested to personalise each email by creatively using numbers, symbols or emojis.

Seven in 10 people from an email list won’t open an email in the first attempt. Attempt re-sending it with an optimised pre-header text and a compelling subject line to boost email open rates. This can improve a brand’s email marketing ROI, without over emailing subscribers.

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