Native ads with black-and-white photos or those without text overlay can improve CTR

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June 06, 2019, 5:46 AM UTC

Though the creatives should be clickable, the author warns against creating clickbait ads.

This piece advices marketers to understand their target audience for native advertising by with the help of data. The article notes, that audiences are more likely to click on native ads that use photos over illustrations.

Brands can design their creatives to include black-and-white photos, photos without text overlay to improve the click-through-rate (CTR). The author recommends marketers to create video or text-based or image content with topics that attracts the target audience. Using keywords like “looks”, “photos” and “his” can be useful for crafting catchy headlines.

The author suggests marketers can allow themselves to target a wider audience. Varying audience segments and sites can also be tested for native advertising based on initial results.  

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