Transcribing podcasts can improve SEO and help build an audience

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June 04, 2019, 7:57 AM UTC

Creating a site to link one podcast episode to another and adding other related posts can help marketers create engagement.

With Google announcing podcast to appear in search results, “Podcast SEO” is an important topic among marketers. To optimise for search, marketers can transcribe podcasts making them more accessible to people and use the transcription for their blog content.

Marketers can split the topics of the podcast into time brackets to help users understand the content easily. Hosting all brand podcasts on a site can allow marketers to link episodes together and add related posts in an effort to engage audiences.

Podcasts should have a proper structure and a clear theme to help Google understand the content and index it for better search results. Marketers could also use keywords that ideally have a high search volume and less competition.

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