Identifying and using the best Instagram hashtags can help brands build followers

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June 04, 2019, 11:08 AM UTC

Businesses can use Instagram Insights to improve their content.

The author suggests using Instagram data to improve content performance and build followers. One way is to provide followers enjoyable content through the right hashtags. Brands can create hashtags by researching the content being consumed and identifying the keywords used by their target audience.

Instagram Insights can help brands track and measure the content’s performance and determine areas of improvement. They can use this tool to monitor average engagement, competitor’s posts, recognise types of posts that generate better engagement and more.

Instagram Insights also helps brands to find the perfect times to post content. Brands could post content when their followers are most active or during “off-peak” times to take advantage of less competition. The author recommends experimenting with both options and picking the one with the best results.

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