High street retailers need to think and behave like service brands to beat online retailers

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June 04, 2019, 4:00 AM UTC

Brands need to focus on serving customers before selling to them.  

The author notes that with growing popularity of online retailers like Amazon and ASOS, high street brands are “being beaten on the ropes”. To compete with online retailers, brands need to think of themselves as service brands instead of retail brands and act accordingly.

The author recommends emulating Amazon by basing their business on “service first, sale second”. For high street brands to be able to compete with online retailers, they must shift their focus from being the best at one thing to being good at a combination of aspects.

To this end and to become a “compelling professional service brand”, businesses need to be good at a combination of price, quality and service. Upon making the shift, high street brands must be able to successfully communicate their core service propositions.

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