Responding quickly to comments can help businesses improve customer experience

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June 03, 2019, 11:03 AM UTC

Customers that receive a response to their complaint are twice as likely to recommend the business afterward.

Companies can improve their existing customer experience by acknowledging and responding to all the comments made offline or online about them. Only 41% of customers expect a reply when they complain on review sites. However, upon receiving a response they are doubly likely to recommend the brand.

Additionally, it is important to respond quickly as customers complaining on social media expect a reply in an hour. The article states that the average response time is five hours. Brands can also survey their customers about their current experience.

The author notes that companies should tie customer experience to the brand’s purpose making it the whole organisation’s responsibility. By crafting this “common purpose” and tying it to a business goal, it can be monitored, prioritised, and measured.    

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