Instagram eliminating “Like” option could be beneficial for influencer marketing agencies

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May 31, 2019, 2:57 PM UTC

The platform is the primary social media for influencer marketing. 

The possibility that Instagram could remove the “Like” option might create a deep impact on influencer marketing. This piece says that the move would benefit influencer marketing agencies and platform providers as influencers would not be able to showcase ‘likes’ to prove engagement.

Agencies would become more centric to measuring engagement as they may have “historical data on influencer engagement and have wide access to influencers.” The move will also mean that brands and agencies will have to rely more on influencer partners for verified content views.

The author argues that the move would also encourage influencers to create diverse content like videos and stories.  Influencers and agencies will, however, have to provide transparency through the process to maintain credibility.

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