Analysing the SERPs can help marketers optimise content for search intent

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May 31, 2019, 6:18 AM UTC

Understanding the intent of the searcher and creating content accordingly can improve SEO ranking.

This article is a guide on how to create content that lines up with search intent. To understand how to optimise for search intent, marketers can analyse the SERPs in detail. Since Google rankings fluctuate and change over time, it is important to check the target keyword’s ranking history.

Keywords that have little or no fluctuation can be targeted since it is easier to understand their search intent and create content accordingly. Once a keyword has been chosen, the SERP search results should be analysed to identify the content’s type, format, and angle.

Content types could be blog posts, product pages, category pages or more. Content format includes listicles, opinion pieces, and reviews among others. The author also recommends conducting a content gap analysis at the page-level.

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