An ad’s appropriateness and execution are more important to consumers than to ad professionals

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May 31, 2019, 12:55 PM UTC

Responses from 1,570 advertising practitioners and 4,400 consumers were assessed.

A Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) paper found that consumers and ad professionals assess advertising creativity in different ways. The participants noted their responses based on 20 TV and print ads.

The respondents rated ads on their “overall subjective creativity”, “appropriateness” and “originality”. Consumers indicated originality to be “the most important dimension of creativity”, less so with advertising professionals. The execution of an ad and its appropriateness were noted as more important factors to consumers than to ad industry professionals.

Another study, based on the JAR paper, involved 30 magazine ads and surveyed 648 online consumers. The study found that about one third of consumer immediately assess an ad’s creativity once exposed to it. The paper recommends using consumers as a “resource for pre-tests” to determine an ad’s overall creativity levels.  

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