Outsourcing lead generation can help marketers manage funnel efficiency and increase conversion rate

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May 30, 2019, 12:07 PM UTC

Analysing the funnel can be easier with sophisticated technologies that are often provided by third-party lead generating vendors.

A marketing team is typically responsible for generating leads, nurturing them to sales qualified leads and analysing the funnel. The author argues that outsourcing middle funnel lead generation to external vendors can save marketers’ time and effort.

This piece argues that exposing un-nurtured leads directly to a sales campaign can leave a hard sell impression. Similarly, a poor process can jeopardise the company’s image by creating a negative impression on their target audience. 

Considering that each lead has the potential to be a sale, marketers can utilise the additional time to concentrate on nurturing advanced leads to the bottom of the funnel. The author contends that if the desired leads are not generated by the third-party vendor, marketers always have a choice to switch.

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