Most UK adults favour tighter regulations for social media

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May 30, 2019, 3:27 PM UTC

83% of adults are concerned about child safety on the internet.

A report by UK telecoms regulators Ofcom says most adults worry about going online, with 61% saying they have come across potentially harmful content on the internet. But the report also found that 59% of adults and 61% of children agree that the benefits of going online are greater than risks.

The report found that most adults support tighter regulation when it comes to social media, but 47% of those surveyed also acknowledged its importance to free speech. The number of adults wanting tighter social media regulation rose to 70% in 2019 from 52% last year.

While 35% of the time spent online in the UK is on sites owned by Facebook and Google, they rank the lowest on trust. The report said the adtech duopoly also generated around 61% of UK online ad revenue in 2018.

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