High quality backlinks help brands earn domain authority and drive traffic

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May 30, 2019, 5:39 PM UTC

Backlinks are a sign of trustworthiness and help in ranking higher in searches.

This piece says that brands should create high-quality content with facts, statistics and quotes on their websites to create linkable assets. The author suggests that guest posting on other sites can help brands create valuable content for readers and get back more traffic from quality publishers. 

Marketers should focus on getting featured with more prominent and authoritative publishers to add value to their content and create quality backlinks. To build better backlinks, brands should consider hiring a link building agency to recruit quality writers and publishers.

Backlinks that direct users to well written and researched content are less likely to be removed by publishers and are appreciated by readers. The author contends that brands should make sure each link is contextually relevant and avoid placing links indiscriminately just for link building.

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