Identify keywords with business value and high volume to improve search rankings

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May 29, 2019, 4:54 AM UTC

An improvement in ranking of just one position can push CTR up by 93% on average.

The author recommends identifying keywords that bring in “lacklustre” ratings as one of the ways to improve search rankings. An improvement of one position can make a big difference in traffic.

For this and also to improve Click-Through Rate (CTR), the author advises “almost exclusively” focusing on keywords for which a search result already ranks between positions 2 and 10 on the first page. To maximise organic traffic, the author recommends identifying keywords that are already bringing in the most traffic. Improving ranking just by one position can boost CTR by up to 93% on average.

It could also help to find high search volume keywords. It’s vital for marketers to prioritise keywords which have a business value for it to lead to revenue generation, in addition to attracting organic traffic.

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