Marketers can use location data as a bridge between digital and physical worlds

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May 28, 2019, 5:42 AM UTC

It can help identify areas where potential clients have not been served.

This article explains how location data can be an advantage for businesses. With its growing availability, organisations have become increasingly data-driven and reliant on it. In combination with other marketing data, it can also help drive sales.

An essential element of location data is granularity, which indicates the level of detail that a particular data set can provide. One way to capture location data is by using GPS. GPS locations through data-connected mobile phones can be used to capture a device’s location, time and date.

Location data can help bridge the “digital-physical” worlds. It can assist a marketer in understanding footfall and movement patterns before a store launch. This data can also help marketers identify “blind spots” in the offline environment that may be failing to serve potential customers.

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