Leverage social media, online forums to generate and retain organic traffic

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May 28, 2019, 3:34 AM UTC

These tactics could be used in addition to SEO efforts.

In this article, the author suggests marketing tactics to bring in and retain organic traffic without depending on SEO. Using social media, guest blogging, engaging with people on online forums are some measures suggested.

Social media can be used to consistently provide users with educational, entertainment value and as a medium to share consumer appreciation. Brands must use their social media content to establish themselves as a “valuable presence”.

Engaging people on online forums to provide compelling answers to consumer pain points is another recommendation made. The piece suggests creating a filled-in and optimised brand profile on Quora. This platform can help brands get referral traffic in from Quora users and organic traffic in from people discovering the brand’s answers through search. Companies can also collaborate with relevant guest bloggers that can produce high-quality and engaging content.  

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