Apple’s plan to restrict data sharing poses a challenge for marketers

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May 28, 2019, 11:50 AM UTC

The Intelligent Tracking Protection 2.2 update will make it hard to track user behaviour on the Safari browser.

Marketers should be able to track new as well as repeat visitors to effectively grow the number of active users. But, the author argues that it will be difficult for marketers to measure site traffic after the update is rolled out.

With ITP 2.2, if a user visits a site via a display ad on Safari browser and revisits the site on after nine days by clicking a social post, the user would count as a new visitor in both the visits. But, this limits the ability to measure the impact of ad campaigns.

This piece argues that before allocating spends on display and social ads, marketers should inquire from the analytics teams about the impact of GDPR and ITP. They should also pay close attention to metrics like channel attribution or unique visitors.

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