Using content marketing to fill information gaps can help generate more clicks and shares

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May 27, 2019, 1:54 PM UTC

Longer content usually outperforms shorter content in terms of social media shares.

This article cites a Carnegie Mellon University study stating that content offering clarity around an unknown topic is more likely to attract people and get shared by them. The author suggests that marketers should write at least 1,500 words per blog post to get more engagement by offering comprehensive answers to readers’ questions.

Marketers should write something against the popular opinion or look at a widely accepted idea from a different perspective. But the author warns that marketers should carefully justify their idea with credible surveys and data. 

Breaking the content into smaller parts with subheads and images can enhance readability and get more shares. Asking the readers to share or comment at the end of the article can help push the reader to share the content.

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