GDPR has made marketers use data more effectively

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May 24, 2019, 12:11 PM UTC

Implementation of GDPR has provided firms with a structure to manage consumer data.

Despite the fear among marketers about the impact of GDPR, one year on 56% of marketers are more positive about the legislation. This piece says that GDPR has forced brands to be more efficient in data management practices.

The enforcement of GDPR has forced brands to be more open with their customers about their data collection and storage strategies. The author contends that Brands should remain GDPR compliant but without losing the creativity to offer personalised experiences that keep the audiences engaged.

GDPR’s focus on transparency has given marketers a useful tool for rebuilding trust among consumers. The article says that while many firms lost “valuable data” due to the implementation of GDPR, it has also increased the quality and authenticity of data.

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