Understanding cross-channel impact is essential for determining the paid search budget

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May 23, 2019, 3:31 PM UTC

TV ads can also impact how people interact with non-branded traffic.

Paid search is known to drive direct sales and also be the first touchpoint in a customer purchasing journey. But the author argues that marketers should understand the cross-channel impact of increased and decreased activity in each channel, before budget allocation.

Before determining paid search’s share from the total media budget, marketers should be able to predict its impact on paid search CPA (Cost per acquisition). Brands should not only be careful about the impact of paid search on other channels including TV adverts and programmatic but also quantify the impact of those channels on paid searches.

Tools like Google Attribution and Google Analytics can help marketers determine the impact of paid search on other communication channels. A historical data study can also help marketers determine the right channel for paid search.

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