Social media marketing creates a direct impact on B2B sales

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May 23, 2019, 12:39 PM UTC

Generating leads on social networks can help marketers produce "actual and measurable ROI".

This article cites a Hubspot report stating that after adopting social selling, marketers observed the win rate of the organisation rose by 5% and deal size rose by 35%. According to a recent B2B buyer survey, 92% of company executives said that social media does influence their purchase decisions.

As B2B consumers tend to buy products from the brands they trust, marketers should enhance brand awareness through consistent social media messaging. The author suggests that marketers should be able to generate higher leads by joining relevant conversations across social media.

Marketers should host webinars or share gated content to collect contact details of their leads to build a relationship with them. Regularly contacting leads, along with participating in consumer questions and complaints can help marketers efficiently nurture their leads.

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