Inclusive marketing must aim to create an environment where consumers can belong

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May 23, 2019, 3:50 AM UTC

70% of millennials are likely to pick a brand whose culture demonstrates inclusion and diversity.

Inclusive marketing involves creating content for target audiences segmented based on factors such as age, race, language, income, sexuality and religion. The survey cited states that 70% of millennials would probably go for a brand that whose advertising, company culture and objectives demonstrate inclusion and diversity. 

Brands need to focus on “intention vs impact” when executing inclusive marketing strategies. Marketers can create content that is in alignment with the brand messaging by considering people outside of a specific demographic that they typically target. The author also recommends researching to understand what the consumers are looking for.

For a company’s inclusive marketing efforts to seem authentic, they must go beyond “adding different ethnicities in marketing campaigns”. Instead, the author recommends creating an environment in which consumers can feel that they belong.

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