Companies are undervaluing content as a lead-generating tool

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May 23, 2019, 7:20 AM UTC

Brands spend the least amount on content marketing despite higher returns

This piece says that marketers are under-investing in content despite it having a 600% return on spend. According to Nielsen data, Americans spend roughly three hours 48 minutes every day consuming content on their phones, tablets and computers.

The author suggests copywriters should write short, creative, simple and jargon-free copies with a personal touch and keep an eye on their content’s performance.  In case they are not getting the desired results, marketers should work with “conversion” copywriters to audit and craft engaging marketing messages.

Short and to the point articles, which makes it easy for readers to scan, can anchor audiences. This piece states that adding visuals and interjecting personalities with a storytelling approach can be effective, but using clickbait should be avoided.

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