Creating positive associations can make brands their consumer’s instinctive choice

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May 23, 2019, 9:40 AM UTC

Doing this could make consumers “relatively immune” to the pull of a competing company.  

The author suggests that brands should focus on being the “go-to choice” for a consumer. To do this, marketers must create positive brand association in the buyer’s subconscious. Creating such an association will ensure the brand’s saliency for the consumer.

To identify whether consumers subconsciously associate positively or negatively with a brand, the author suggests delving into the buyer’s memories. For example, chocolate lovers could be urged to develop a positive brand association by showing them images of melted chocolate being stirred with a wooden spoon, which could evoke a childhood memory.

Consumers may have negative associations with a brand which cannot be changed by making rational arguments. Marketers should focus on replacing these with positive associations instead. 

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