Using blockchain technology will make digital ads more trustworthy for consumers

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May 22, 2019, 6:40 AM UTC

This technology can also bring greater transparency to the ad supply chain.

This article points out how blockchain can impact search marketing. By securing the ad supply chain, using blockchain leads consumers to trust the marketing process more. With blockchain services functioning as “ledgers”, it creates more transparency for ad tech vendors, buyers and publishers by providing access to financial transactions to the involved parties.

Brands looking to win distrustful consumers over must use blockchain to “make ads more transparent”. For example, Unilever and IBM’s blockchain projects aims to reveal how they collect and use consumer information and also report their “business footprint” details.

The author also notes blockchain’s ability to disrupt the facilitation of advertising payments, especially for businesses that use smart contracts for their ad buys. The author claims that these smart contracts will soon become a “mainstream facet” of doing business.

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