Apple’s ‘Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution’ will limit data visibility for advertisers

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May 22, 2019, 5:02 PM UTC

The company claims that the new tech will protect user data without reducing ad effectiveness.

Apple has developed an intelligence tracking prevention feature which will restrict advertisers from accessing individual user data. However, the company said that this feature will still give marketers enough data to measure the performance of their ad campaigns.

The feature, which will be available to web developers by the end of the year, will delay ad click and conversion reports by two days. This will make it difficult for advertisers to track individual users.

The new feature, which will be housed in Apple’s Safari browser, will also prevent user information about ad clicks from getting shared with third-party companies. Along with Safari, other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are also enhancing their privacy features to limit access to user data.

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