Setting objectives in SEO reports can help marketers meet client expectations

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May 21, 2019, 11:47 AM UTC

Creating a clear and concise report can help marketers in customer retention.

SEO reports can communicate value to the clients and help marketers maintain a good relationship with them. Marketers can better measure the success of a campaign by setting up specific goals with clients like increasing organic traffic on the website by SEO.

This article says that transforming metrics into useful insights in the form of stories and charts can help clients understand SEO reports better. A mini-glossary, along with clear language in the report, can help marketers communicate better.

The author contends that marketers can link the SEO reports to revenue generation by including key performance indicators such as website ranking. Clear insights on KPIs in an SEO report can help clients understand the report better on their own, and avoiding questions over “red herring” metrics.

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