Retailers should use 3D mapping to identify new store locations and optimise spaces

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May 21, 2019, 10:53 AM UTC

3D mapping can also be used to increase ROI and conversion rates from ad campaigns.

3D mapping technology works by projecting 2D or 3D objects using spatial mapping onto a display surface. Retailers can use 3D mapping to decide on a store location, optimise its layout and improve accessibility within stores.

3D mapping can help in creating interactive store maps to be used through touchscreens or the brand’s mobile app. Also, wayfinding technology can be used in stores to direct consumers towards featured product. This can also result in improved conversion rate and ROI from ad campaigns.  

The author notes that 3D mapping can also be used to bridge virtual reality and the real world. For example, Fashion Nova’s app lets shoppers use their camera to transpose virtual and physical clothing items on an object like a table which enables them to put together outfits.

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